Ensuring your community’s place has path to the digital future in the innovation economy is a key tool for economic growth. We will help you find the right products to build a solution that works for your needs.

Enables the seamless integration and connectivity of various systems.

Effective communication is vital for businesses and residents alike. Stay connected with your tenants, clients, vendors, and office Charlie business phone system manage every interaction from single place unleash the potential of your team with cloud solution that simplify interaction such call forwarding, voicemail, virtual extension, and intercom capabilities enable seamless communication and improve responsiveness

Video calling and residence directory. Give your residents, staff, and visitors a property access experience unlike any other. Automate garage and gates see who you’re letting in, send your visitor a QR code or a PIN number that they can enter or scan to gain access to the property all this by using singular system from a smartphone or computer .See who’s trying to get access to the property before letting them in. Search by name, unit number, or by simply scrolling.

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